How to Buy CryptoCurrency

3 Easy Steps to Buying BTC, LTC, or ETH

How to buy cryptocurrency with USD

Step 1- Create an Account at Coinbase-

Step 2- Deposit with debit card, credit card, or bank account. 

Step 3- Place your purchase and you have started your journey investing in cryptocurrency. If you are going to be buying smaller coins in the future steps purchase LTC because it is faster and cheaper to transfer over to the Binance Exchange. (You will get a free $10 bitcoin using the coinbase link above with a purchase of over $100)

How to buy smaller coins such as #XRP #TRX #XVG #ADA #IOTA #EOS #CND #DNT

Step 4- Create an account with Binance Exchange- Use this link to Register an account-  

Step 5- Once account is setup, login and click ‘FUNDS-Deposits/withdrawals’ on the upper right hand corner 

Step 6- I recommend using LTC because the fees are much less than BTC to move from coinbase to Binance. Look for LTC and click Deposit to the right of it on Binance. This will give you your LTC Deposit address, copy this address. 

Step 7- Go back to your coinbase account, click Accounts, LTC Wallet, and select send 

Step 8- Enter the LTC address you copied on Step 6, the amount you want to transfer and click continue 

Step 9- Wait. Transfer’s can take a few hours to complete. 

Step 10- Once the transfer is complete go to exchange, select LTC and click sell. This will convert it to BTC and allow you to purchase any other coins.

Step 11- Click on coin you want to purchase in the exchange and click buy. (#XVG, #ADA, #BQX, #XRP, #IOTA, etc) 

Important Things to Remember

Always make sure you are sending from your LTC wallet from coinbase to LTC wallet on Binance exchange, BTC wallet on coinbase to BTC wallet on Binance exchange, ETH wallet on coinbase to ETH wallet on Binance exchange. 


Example: *If you send from LTC wallet on Coinbase to BTC wallet on an exchange, it won’t show up and you will lose your money* 


*I prefer to purchase LTC and use that to transfer to Binance because the fees typically are lower and it usually will go through much quicker than BTC*